Assistant Plant Operator - Mustang Station Power Plant

The Assistant Plant Operator (APO) assists in the safe and efficient operation of the power plant and the supporting equipment and systems. The APO carries out all routine water/gas chemistry analysis, inspects and monitors operating components and reports plant status.

Assist in start-up, shut-down and normal operations of power plant systems.
Operate major auxiliary apparatus such as:
air compressors; circulating water systems; boiler feed water treatment system; waste water systems; generator cooling system; boiler feed water and condensate system; and locally controlled electrical and mechanical equipment.
Perform operating tests and inspections, and make minor repairs and adjustments to equipment assigned to achieve proper operating conditions.
Execute orders from the Control Room Operator at isolated panels for clearing equipment or making it ready for service in accordance with operating instructions and procedures; clear, tag, test and safety tape these operations.
Perform routine water chemistry analysis and operate Continuous Emissions Monitoring equipment.
Maintain logs as assigned.
Report any abnormal or irregular conditions that develop during the progress of the work and take corrective measures within the scope of operating instructions.
Assist maintenance personnel during maintenance periods.
Complete other tasks as required by the Control Room Operator, Lead Operator, or the Operations Supervisor.

The APO operates from established and well-known procedures under minimum supervision performing duties independently with only general direction given. The APO encounters recurring work situations of moderate complexity, with occasional variations from the norm. Decisions are made within prescribed operating and casualty procedures and guidelines.
The APO must perform work in a safe manner resulting in no accidents, in compliance with all environmental permits at all times. The APO must effectively communicate information to supervision and fellow plant personnel, relative to the condition of the plant equipment and performance, and provide suggestions for plant improvements. The APO must perform duties in such a way to result in an optimum cost-benefit ratio.
All employees have the responsibility to both the customer and their co-workers to do the job right the first time and to ensure the customer's needs are being met.

The APO reports to the Operations Supervisor and periodically receives work direction from the LO or CRO.

Physical requirements include:
working on feet for 12 hour periods, requiring stair and ladder climbing; and routinely lifting 50 pounds. Protective equipment must be worn in the performance of some duties (e.g. hard hats, safety glasses, air masks, ear protection, chemical suits, hot gloves and high voltage protective equipment, etc.). Work with hazardous materials may be required.
Position requires extended working hours and varied shifts with weekend and holiday work, as required by schedules, work load and plant conditions. "On call" status will periodically be required.
All employees will participate in the Fitness for Duty Program. This program includes a post-offer physical examination and drug screening and post employment random drug screening. There are extensive tobacco use restrictions in and around the facility.

Ability to understand procedures and instructions specific to the area of assignment as would be acquired in four years of high school. Minimum of two years experience in Power Plant Operations is desirable. Experience in water chemistry control, analysis of water conditions, water treatment facility operations and chemical handling requirements is required. Theoretical and practical knowledge of combustion/steam turbine operations, closed system steam generation, industrial safety, hazardous waste management and inspection/recording of plant parameters is highly desirable. Experience with piping and instrument schematics and process controls desirable. Extensive working knowledge of power plant industry is desirable. Must successfully complete a plant operator's knowledge examination.
The statements contained in this job description are not necessarily all inclusive additional duties may be assigned and requirements may vary from time to time.
Denver City, TX 79323 - Mustang Station Power Plant

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